Technoviti 2018 & Finnoviti 2018


Innovation has been the landmark of the transformation that is happening the BFSI sector. Banking Frontiers and IBEX India have constantly taken pride in the twin events on Innovations – The Technoviti and The Finnoviti Conferences and Awards concurrently with IBEX India.

Technoviti 2018 Conference & Awards

As much as 70% of the innovations in the BFSI sector is driven by technology and therefore the technology service providers actually empower the BFSI business domains. They truly deserve an acknowledgement and a round of applause and Technoviti has been the platform for recognising the contributions of the technology service providers to the BFSI sector.

Technoviti Awards 2018 will be a defining moment for technology innovators to be recognised, honored and brought to the attention of CIOs and CXOs. The products and services that get nominations will be benchmarks for CIOs, who can be assured that these technovators can surely be of immense value to their organisations. 20 most promising innovations will be honored with awards and the concerned innovators will have chance to present their innovations at the Technoviti Awards 2018. They would also be showcasing their innovations at IBEX India 2018. Technoviti 2017 had recorded attendance of about 200 BFSI professionals and 200 technology companies.

Finnoviti 2018 Conference & Awards

As in the past, Finnoviti 2018 Conference & Awards will be a premium platform where innovators in the BFSI sector will be recognised and rewarded for their efforts. Constituted in 2012, Finnoviti has been a platform where banks, financial service organisations and insurance companies can display and demonstrate their innovations.

Finnoviti will recognise the top 23 innovations of the year, which would be judged by a high-power jury set up by Banking Frontiers. The program will constitute insightful brainstorming discussions and presentations where both the BFSI and technology experts would combine their knowledge to create future products and services for the industry.

Finnoviti Conference and Awards have recorded average attendance of over 350-400 BFSI professionals from all over the world.

This is a unique opportunity for technology service providers to the financial services sector to be in sync with their target audience even as the BFSI sector can understand the technology trends that would shape the future of the sector.