Mr. V George Antony
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

 Mr V George Antony, Managing Director, UAE Exchange, India is the pillar of a leading Global Money Transfer and Foreign Exchange brand, trusted by millions of customers and partners around the Globe.
Leo Tolstoy wrote, ‘There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth.’ Yes, he is undoubtedly an epitome of Leo Tolstoy’s quote which needs to be emphasised, especially in today’s corporate culture.

Career Path

After graduating in Commerce from the prestigious Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Cochin, he started his career with Catholic Syrian Bank in 1981.His thirty fiveyears career in management began through the functional experience with this bank. Being a very energetic individual, having a flair and determination to come up in life, he left for UAE in 1982, and joined UAE Exchange Centre LLC, Abu Dhabi, in its 2nd year of operations.
From a humble beginning,he has worked in various capacities within the company.The confidence that the Company had in him was evident, when he was chosen to start its operations in India. In his courage and industriousness, he took up the challenge boldly. The Indian operations commenced in 1994, opening its first office in Kochi, Kerala.

Business Accomplishments
With an awesome tale of success, his constant efforts to build up UAE Exchange, India from scratch, to a world renowned financial enterprise can never be overlooked. His determination and hard work have placed him among the few, exceptionally successful business leaders in India. His Company makes manifolds profits each year and diversifies into a plethora of consumer services at a brilliant pace.

Business Products
UAE Exchange is a giant in the financialsector with numerous versatile products like Money transfer, Foreign Exchange (Banknotes, Outward remittance and Pre-paid Travel cards), Travel & Tours, Loans (Gold Loan, Vehicle Loan &Personal Loan), Insurance, XPay Cash Wallet (Pre-paid instruments & Domestic Money Transfer Services) and Share Trading & Demat. The brief period in which, the company has built this niche for itself, would make a good study for any business management program.

IT–ISO 27001:2005 certified: The dynamic strength behind IT infrastructure and solutionsthat caters pertinently to the diverse needs of a business spread across the country throughout mega cities, towns and villages have made him stand out from the crowd of rest of his contemporaries. All applications and products run on home grown ERP system developed with the business lessons, the company has learned over the decades used by 3500 plus direct employees of the company as well as its 5000 agents.
He shrewdly anticipated a consistent hike in the usage of technology. His farsighted vision instigated ‘XPay Cash Wallet’, the strong Mobile App ofthe Company. It integrates all services of the Company into this innovative App, adding convenience to the lives of people and also supporting the country to movetowardsdigital economy. He has also been instrumental in bringing digital marketing trends within the financial services of the company, making the UAE Exchange India stand ahead in the limelight even in the online space.An in-house App was also initiated exclusively for the employees enabling them to access essential workplace requirements, especially when placed at remote locations.

Network: UAE Exchange possibly has one of the largest networks of offices and sub-agents spread across the country with 380 plus direct offices and 5000 plus agents.

People:Mr. George is unique for his personal qualities. His people skillsmakes him communicate effectively on an interpersonal levelalways motivating his work force to stay committed and inspired. Building up a team is the biggest task in any business today. A team of 3500 plus direct employees are held together by a well-defined organizational hierarchy. This pattern also provides a strong platform for the employees to prove their integrity and competence.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): With a well-structured policy for CSR, he keenly ensures higher social responsibility as anagenda forthe Company too. His personality and integrity are clearly evident from the way he implements the CSR activities, beginning from the grass root level of the company. Education for the deprived, protection and ethical management of environment were all high priority activities for each financial year.

Vision for the Company: The driving force that keeps him young at heart and focused in mind is his vision. He sees his Company becoming ‘the No: 1 Financial Institution in India delivering finest of quality in services’. Ambitious yet principled, he insists that while being the best in its class, his organization must ‘not just conform to the world, but aim to touch the hearts of millions and transform their lives’. Considering the growth of the digital platform round the world, he has high plans to go digital and reach the customers with optimized service spiced with added convenience and security.
In his own words, “We aspire to be an organization which would be the yearning of every Indian Citizen to work for and grow”.

Shrewd, profound, confident with a constructive approach and decades of experience, Mr. George is a versatile speaker on variety of subjects. His experience in business and the finance industry, in particular has made him quite a popular speaker at institutions and corporate gatherings. His enthusiastic participation in panel discussions and seminars on topics of National Social and Economic relevance, along with other top management officials and CEOs of corporate giants has multiplied his reputation. Financial Inclusion forms an item in our Government’s agenda in reaching the unbanked masses and he places much priority on this issue. He has spoken on frequent occasions on ‘Financial Inclusion –Regulation & Policies’, ‘Financial Inclusion –Payment Systems & Technology Infrastructure’,

‘Rethinking Retail Transactions: Enabling convergence in Retail Payments”, ‘the opportunities in migrant remittances and much more significant topics which often creates high interest among the audience.

Foreign Exchange, Money Transfer and IT are some of his preferred areas which excites the spirits of the natural orator. His highly energetic speeches have benefited students, academics, business and professional gatherings. Given an opportunity to speak to the youth, he makes the best use by updating them withthe latest innovations most suited for the financial sector.

He had a deep perception towards digital development and often commented about
paperless/cashless economy, especially when it was hardly known to the people around
him. In fact, he has been giving the most motivational and genius talk on empowering
digital India among the young generation, becoming a popular speaker in demand, both in renowned colleges and auspicious panel discussions.


  •  Claims VPN IBE Award 2016
  •  Honoured with Golden PeacockBusiness Excellence  Award 2016
  •  Awarded 5thKSBEA Business Man of the Year award
  •  Honored with Indian Achievers Award for Business Leadership 2016 from Economic Development Forum, for the outstanding achievementsin Business and Social Service
  •  Won Business Deepika Business Excellence Award 2016, for the excellent contribution in the field of business , under the category of Non-Banking Financial Services
  •  Honoured with Udyog Rattan Award 2016 from Institute of Economic studies
  •  Awarded Business Leadership Award 2016 from Economic Development Forum
  •  Recognized by Global Management during 35thAnniversary celebration
  •  Honored with Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 by Public Relations Council of India (PRCI)
  •  Honored with Pravasi Bharati Karma Ratna Award
  •  Emerging Kerala Business Excellence Award for Outstanding Leadership
  •  ‘BOSS OF THE YEAR LEADERSHIP’ Award by World HRD Congress and endorsed by World Brand Congress, CMO Asia, Asian Confederation of Businesses and Stars of the Industry Groups
  •  Awarded Rashtriya Udyog and Quality Brands India Award
  •  Received Rashtriya Udyog Ratna award from National Organization for Commerce and Industry
  •  Awarded from Dr. B R Shetty (Founder and the Chairman of UAE Exchange), the ‘Certificate of Recognition’ for 25 years of dedicated service and contribution to the growth of the organization
  •  Awarded Honorary Doctorate from Open International University, Colombo for his outstanding achievements towards creating Pan India Company
  • Appointed as the Additional Director of Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry,in 2016
  •  Nominated as a Member of the Managing Committee of the Kerala Management Association (KMA), for the year 2016-17
  •  Appointed as the Chairman of Sub-Committee for Online Management Programs and Webinar of KMA , for the Year 2016-17
  •  Appointed as the Chairman of Sub-Committee for Manager of the Year Award of KMA for the year 2016-17
  •  Elected as the Chairman of Committee for Management Students Forum of the KMA for the year 2011 -2012
  •  Elected as the member of the National Executive Committee of The Association of BusinessCommunicators of India (ABCI)