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Special Presentations and Panel Discussions on:

  • The biggest opportunities in post-pandemic Banking- and how to capitalise on them
  • Riding the wave of technological change in BFSI
  • The Digital Agenda “2021 & Beyond : Progressing towards the Future”
  • The Secret Recipe for Better Banking – How Automation is Driving Digital Transformation
  • Big Data and AI, Engineering Hyperpersonalization
  • From Transactional to Relational: Gaining New Customers and Keeping Them for Life
  • World of Uncertainty - Online is the New Norm
  • Niche is the New Local: Expansion Strategies for Financial Sector
  • Be the Smarter, Faster & Customer First-Growth Leader
  • Opportunities, Challenges and Key Success Factors for Sustainable Retail Banking
  • Boost Security: Zero Trust Segmentation for Any Device, Anywhere
  • Predictive Analytics to determine consumer behavior in a digital era
  • Role of Data science in Risk management
  • Changing Financial Business landscape with instant Payments

11:00 - 11:05

18:15 - 18:20

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