Conference on “Hello Hybrid – Innovations for the Experiential World”.

23 – 25 January 2019, BKC, Mumbai

IBEX India conferences organised concurrently with Technoviti and Finnoviti alongside a large format exhibition provides a platform for all stakeholders in the BFSI sector to come together, explore, understand and deliberate on the challenges and opportunities in adapting innovative & future focused banking technologies.

Digital Transformation has engulfed the entire world of commerce including the BFSI sector. Each innovation or transformation is aimed at enriching customer experience and provides scope for monetisation. Harnessing the potential of the digital kaleidoscope has been a challenge for every business head, Innovations heads or CIOs of the financial sector.

Whilst digitisation is expected to automate processes and enhance the experience, the challenge lies in simulating a face to face experience. The most successful business and technology strategies have thus given birth to the concept of Hybrid Technologies. Success, going forward will surely belong to those who can future-craft a strong hybrid strategy. Hybrid Technologies combines the empathy and passion of the physical world and the automation of the digital world.

Hybridisation is omnipresent in all the technologies, be it blockchain or bots or analytics or the age-old CRM. In the world of financial inclusion, digital has to be strongly supported by a physical push or in case of wealth management; the ultimate deal is mostly struck with that physical nudge. Therefore, there is a strong case to make Hybrid the theme for IBEX India, Finnoviti and Technoviti 2019.

Day 1: 23 January 2019

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Technoviti 2019
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Finnoviti 2019
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