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IBEX India conferences organised alongside a large format exhibition provides a platform for all stakeholders in the BFSI sector to come together, explore, understand and deliberate on the challenges and opportunities in adapting innovative & future-focused banking technologies.

Constantly changing customer experiences and ever-changing business landscape are challenging not just for the BFSI sector but also for regulators and policy-makers. Banking in 2020 is all about change, digital, disruption and adapting business with constantly evolving customer experiences.

In this era of cut-throat competition and ambiguity, Fintechs and new-age challenger banks are perceived as a threat. A challenge that most entities in the BFSI eco-systems will need to address is the need for staying relevant and competitive against nimble-footed connectors and intermediaries who seem to be taking the cherry away from traditional financial systems. Next-gen players via superior technology-adoption have managed to threaten traditional financial institutions operating for decades. Whilst better technology adoption can offer sustenance for financial institutions in this competitive environment, in the long run, marrying technology with business logic means more than just adoption of next-gen technologies such as Blockchain, RPA, AI, IoT, Big data etc. There are opportunities on the technology front that can enable financial enterprises to change customer behaviour, understand their motives, and persuade them to actions in sync with the enterprise' business logic.

The theme “Banking Technology Landscape: Vision 2025” is an aggregation of finest ideas and deliberations that aims at catapulting BFSI systems towards better operations, customer-experience, technology-adoption and revenue maximisation.

Special Presentations and Panel Discussions on:

  • The Future Banking Landscape: Vision 2025.
  • Government Policies for Security in a Hyper-Connected World”.
  • Journey/Transformation of SBI: A Success Story.
  • Impact of Financial Inclusion and what’s in store for us?
  • Technology Presentations
  • Impact of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data on Business Models: Hype to Reality.
  • Accelerating Cloud Adoption in Financial Services
  • RegTech: To Ensure Compliance
  • Futuristic Technologies for Payments Infrastructure.
  • Role of Policies, in the world of collaborations.
  • Future of Digital Banking: Humanising the Experience.
  • The CIO Talk: Concentrating on the three Cs “taking the cost out, increasing competitiveness and improving compliance
  • Security in a Hyper-Connected World.
  • Fintech Collaboration as a Strategy: An Overview.
  • Experience Business 2.0: The next step in Marketing Transformation”.
  • Are we optimising the available tech?
  • Driving Towards Customer Delight Through Analytics.

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