Speaker Profile

Uday Birajdar
Mr. Uday Birajdar

CEO and Co-Founder
Automation Edge

Uday Birajdar is the Co-founder and CEO of one of the leading Hyperautomation providers- AutomationEdge. Being a successful serial entrepreneur, Uday has co-founded scaled many technology companies worldwide. He is passionate about upcoming technologies and has been helping businesses to implement them in their digital transformation journey. After working with some of the renowned tech giants like L&T, Veritas, BMC Software etc., Uday built his foundation of technology product development and scaling.

With his first tech venture - Vyom Labs, Uday rose as a great problem solver as he helped enterprises to solve the challenges in adopting cloud and IT operations management platforms.

While doing this, he realised the importance and the scope of AI and automation in business operations. This led to the birth of what we all know today - AutomationEdge (www.automationedge.com). With AutomationEdge, he helps businesses around the world with the Hyperautomation approach for business growth.

Today, Uday is also known for his leadership in AI, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and IT Process Automation.